Clément Laléve

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering, INSA Lyon – France
  • Training FA02 by Cetim “Additive Manufacturing : Discovering metal, polymer and ceramic processes and applications”
  • Training FA03 by Cetim “Design approach for metal additive manufacturing”
  • Training SYS01 by Cetim “System Engineering: requirement analysis to design a complex product”

Clément hit the ground running at Zenith Tecnica in 2018 after spending 6 years at the Technical Center for Mechanical Industry in France (CETIM). During this time Clement was involved with research and development in laser beam melting on EOS M290 machines with TA6V and CoCr for the medical industry. Along with consulting for the Alliance Industrie du futur program in France, Clément studied and developed innovative projects for complex systems using engineering methods.

When Clément isn’t working hard he enjoys playing the piano, travelling, and kizomba!