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Zenith Tecnica can produce trabecular and structured types of porous regions on components that are beneficial for osseointegration suitable for both human and veterinary orthopaedic industries. Using Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology, many structures that were previously difficult or impossible to make are now available with a minimum order quantity of one unit. This makes Zenith Tecnica a preferred option for anyone looking to manufacture custom implants and surgical instruments for small to large devices. We are also set up for mass production of off-the-shelf implants and devices of your design.

Zenith Tecnica is ISO13485:2016 certified for the manufacture of human implants and have produced many implants in use today. Zenith Tecnica can supply EBM components but also offers a turn-key solution that turns your models and engineering drawings into a finished component. Zenith Tecnica can determine from your engineering drawings what is achievable with EBM and what features require post-processing. For any post-processing that cannot be completed onsite, our established subcontractors can post-process and finish the component for you.

Subcontracting is available for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) heat treatment, machining, certain polishing and surface treatments, passivation, sterilisation, and packaging. Zenith Tecnica uses GOM ATOS 3D scanning equipment to inspect and conform complex geometries for First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) and production conformance. Please contact us for more information about our capabilities or with your specific requirements.

Zenith Tecnica can also offer Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and advice for getting the most out of the EBM AM process. Whether it is determining what geometry is possible, how to get the best finish, what tolerances are achievable, or simply how to reduce the cost – we will work with you to achieve your targets. Contact us to begin working through your concepts whether it is for componentry already in production or in product development.

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