Mass Matters – Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace

Humans have breached space outside our world, and we want to go further. But as with any marvel of science, there are barriers to overcome. Working closely with our customers has given us valuable insights into Additive Manufacturing’s role in the context of an aerospace application. Sending a large spacecraft, the size of a small bus, into the upper […]

Zenith Tecnica celebrates successful 5-year partnership with Maxar Technologies

Zenith Tecnica, a New Zealand-based contract manufacturer specializing in titanium 3D printing, recently marked its 5th year of partnering with leading satellite manufacturer Maxar Technologies to supply structural spacecraft flight hardware. Since 2016, Maxar has built and launched five spacecraft with 260 titanium components produced by Zenith Tecnica using additive manufacturing (AM) processes. More than […]

Behind the Scenes at an OSSIS 3D Titanium Implant Factory.

OSSIS has the ability to design, produce and deliver orthopedic implants very quickly. There are several reasons for this “Just in Time” capability: the expertise of our implant designers and engineers; the excellent communications between the OSSIS team and surgeons; and the specific technology used for the implants, 3D titanium printing.

3D printed spacer helps New Zealand veteran train for Invictus Games

A New Zealand veteran who was in a helicopter crash 10 years ago and has suffered from long-term injuries is now preparing to participate in the next Invictus Games thanks in part to 3D printing technologies. The New Zealand Defence Force has leveraged additive manufacturing to develop a customized cycling solution for the veteran, Stevin Creeggan.

Zenith Tecnica continues to scale with GE Additive Arcam EBM technology

Since its establishment in 2014, the team at Zenith Tecnica, based on the North Shore of Auckland, has quickly developed a reputation for being some of the most disruptive, innovative thinkers in the metal additive industry – creating with a range of applications that push the boundaries of 3D printing technology.